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I want to make you cry!

LOL! Now that I have your attention! My name is Mark Mower, I started TYL Video in the summer of 2006. Since then, I've filmed hundreds of weddings ranging from Pittsburgh all the way to Baltimore, and pretty much everywhere in between. After 13 years, it still doesn't "feel" like work. Yes, the statement above is true, I REALLY want to make you cry. In a good way of course! Tears of joy and happiness when you hear your vows once again, or when you see your parents/grandparents smiling ear to ear with pride and joy, whatever it may be, it's my honor to be a part of it!

Now a little about my personal life. I've been happily married for 19  years. I have five kids. Three boys and two girls. Their ages are 23, 15, 13, 11 and 5. Yes, my house is insane! That's why I want you to hire me, to get me out of the jungle!! Lol! All kidding aside, I've lived in Pittsburgh all my life. In the summer when I'm not filming, I'm usually hiking. In the winter when I'm not filming, I'm watching the Pens! I'm also a professional photographer specializing in portraits and landscapes. You can check out my work at

Ok, I like to call this segment "3 random facts about Mark." Here goes:

1. I've never seen any of the Star Wars films. (even the early ones!)

2. My dream retirement home would be somewhere in the middle of the Rocky Mountains. No wi-fi!

3. Most importantly, Christ is number 1 in my life! He gets the glory in all the good and bad.

If you have any questions about videography or photography, never hesitate to call. I would love to hear from you!               

Pittsburgh wedding videographer
Pittsburgh wedding videographer